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Before you decide to Use the wild and woolly "big, bad" Internet in your class, you must be clear on why you should use it. As language teachers we know from linguistic theory that you must actively engage students in language activity for any significant learning to take place.

In other words consider how students really learn. The Internet provides a great tool to use and opens the opportunity for learning.

The Internet's greatest asset is its interactivity. For real learning to take place the student must:

  • Be curious and formulate a question
  • Seek relevant information
  • Evaluate the information they find

This learning process demonstrates the great potential of utilizing the Internet. Our students at TCHS are very bright, but often get turned off to "regular" education; therefore, the WWW contains a wealth of interactive, learning opportunities for our students if properly guided. Best wishes in your journey!


Net Basics -- helpful web sites that introduce Searching, Troubleshooting, and Creating Web Pages

Learn the Net Basics for novices
Life on the Internet Useful tutorial for novices
News, New Users, Questions Home Page
Search Engine Watch
Web Novice Online version of magazine that has numerous helpful articles for new and intermediate Internet users

General Internet Resources

CNET: How the Internet Works Top 20 FAQ
Learning@Web.Sites By far the most comprehensive site on Educational Use of the Internet in Cyberspace!!! Primarily for secondary teachers.
EdWeb Discussion of Internet uses in the classroom and technical help!
Teaching and Learning on the WWW
XPLORA Dr. Cynthia Leshin is on the cutting edge of using the Internet in the classroom. This is her site.
Everything Email Comprehensive site that explains everything you need to know about email!
NetLearn Resources for learning to use the Internet for teaching
Web Site Construction This page has numerous links to help you and your students create web pages


Useful Links for English Teachers
Reading Online Tips on using technology to aid student reading
Real communication Communicating online w/ experts, mentors, and other real people
English Teacher Resources
Cyber English Ted Nellen's class and documentation
CyberEnglish My main web site that I am using extensively with real juniors and seniors this year

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