English Teacher Resources

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For English Teachers and Other Literary Types


Zuzu's Petals Great eclectic resource for most anything literary you can imagine!
Cyberguides Lesson plans and teaching units on various works of literature
Online Teacher Toolkit Teacher hotlists on content areas including art, social studies, and language
Virtual Quincy: English Resources Good listing from someone in my hometown on the River
CyberEnglish My main web site that I am using extensively with real juniors and seniors this year


Zuzu's Petals: Teaching Resources One page off Zuzu's with ESL, Technology, Testing sites and more!!
The English Learner Excellent site for students whose English is their second language



The Library in the Sky Easy to navigate collection of resources, plans, and much more
American Verse Project U. of Michigan's archive collection of American poetry before 1920
Shakespeare in the Classroom Classroom materials on Shakespeare from PBS
Science Fiction Study Guides
Literature Links  Large collection of American, Native American, British, and World literature web sites


Indespensible Writing Resources Virtually everything you need for writing assistance
Online English Grammar   Grammatically "kerrect" types can "Lynck" this site to your web pages
Work with Words Word etymology


Media Literacy Online Well developed web site with excellent links!
Literature and Film Do you want to start a film course? Here's some documents I used to get one started.
Film study guides Prevent your students from falling asleep during in-class movies. Pause the video and discuss and use reproducible work sheets to go with over 20 films

  General Education Sites

Busy Teacher's WebSite Links in numerous areas
Cisco Educational Archives Large variety of resources (archived only)
Community Learning Resources Continually updated sites with educational purposes in mind
Edsitement Vast humanities resource w/ lesson plans
Education World Comprehensive search engine/directory on education information
Encarta Massive doses of educational links
ERIC The massive database you've heard about
George Lucas Educational Foundation Use the Force! Newsletter featuring successful integration of technology into teaching and learning.
Internet Scout Project Current on the edge sites
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Various curriculum materials in all areas & professional growth
Pedago Net Lots of educational links & services
Schoolwork.Ugh! Some good links
Teachers Helping Teachers Very extensive resource site
Teaching on the Internet Guidelines about using the Net for educational purposes
Virtual Quincy Directory Amazing--some people from my home town on the Mississippi River have put together an excellent collection of resources


Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
Library of Congress
The British Library

Special Programs

Oxbridge Academic Programs The BEST summer program out there, including a Teacher Seminar! Been there, done that--email me for additional details.
Discovery Channel One of the very best sites on the Internet w/ science, technology, and history information

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