U.S. History Resources

Alternative Perspectives


Black History
African-American History (Wikipedia)
Black History and Literature
Black History Page
Civil Rights Movement in America
Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro
National Civil Rights Museum
We Shall Overcome: Historic Places

Native American History

Latino Link Views from a Hispanic perspective, especially from Puerto Rico


Historical Periods

European Exploration

Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Columbus Navigation Homepage
1492 Exhibit
The Mariners' Museum: Explorations of Christopher Columbus
Columbus Doors
Mayflower Web Pages

Colonial Period

New England
Thanksgiving History
Religion in the Colonies
Salem Witchcraft Trials
Salem, Massachusetts Information on the Salem witchcraft trials contained within the site
Witch Trials Excellent resources
Salem Witch Trials Documentary archive
Salem Witch Museum Largely commercial site but contains some information
Colonial Williamsburg
California Missions Interactive

18th Century

French and Indian War
American Revolution
American Revolution Links
American Revolutionary War Wikipedia resources
Liberty! The American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence Home Page
4th of July--Independence Day For patriots only!
Thomas Paine Access his Revolutionary writing
Historic Philadelphia
Independence Hall Official site
Bunker Hill Monument
Valley Forge
Maryland Loyalists and the American Revolution A different viewpoint from the Tories
Archiving Early America

Ben Franklin
World of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Online Resources
George Washington
Mount Vernon
Papers of George Washington
George Washington A biography
Betsy Ross Homepage
Battle of Fallen Timbers

19th Century

20th Century



Miscellaneous Subjects and Sites

An Abridged History of the U.S. Good information, especially from a legal perspective
American Literature Extensive links that can connect with U.S. history
American Memory Library of Congress archival material
The Avalon Project Incredible archives by the Yale Law School
Biography of America Comprehensive resources
US National Archives
History Buff's Home Page Archived newspaper accounts & much more
The History Channel
Historical Maps of the United States
The History Place Ecclectic collection of U.S. history topics
Inventer of the Week Archives
Library of Congress Home Page U.S. history buff's dream site!
Military History
The War Page
U.S. Army Center for Military History
Political Graveyard Lots of information on dead politicians!
Presidential History
The American Presidency
Presidential speeches
Resources in American History
Smithsonian Education Take the virtual tour here!
Smithsonian Online
U.S. History.Org Excellent source of interactive U.S. historical material

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