Real Communication on the Internet

The greatest advantage of the Internet is its interactive nature.

Sure, the Internet can be used for research, for entertainment, and for finding out the latest weather forecasts and sports scores, BUT the Internet's greatest asset is its interactivity.

At the heart of this interactivity is CLICKABLE MAP.

Many web sites require an email address before accessing them, and email is the basice communication medium of cyberspace.

Getting your students involved using electronic mail can be one of the most rewarding experiences your students can undertake as it gives them ready access to experts, professionals, mentors, friends, and pen pals readily. You must also caution them to use some basic common sense using email netiquette, and caution them about possible perils if they are careless.

Don't worry if you school doesn't provide an email address for your students. These are readily available online. For free email services that can be accessed from anywhere on Planet Earth where you can log online, go to Yahoo Mail. For other free web based email services, click here .
emailing boy

Students can never fully understand the interactivity of the Internet unless they are utilizing email, so it is definitely worth the time to teach this skill. One way I have found to be effective is by utilizing a class e mailing list. For information on using this click on listserv.


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