Mailing List Rules*

Be polite. Dry humor and sarcasm don't transmit very well to people who don't know you well--use "just kidding" signs or Computer Flamingspecial smiley signs to let people know when you're kidding.

Be respectful and use courteous language. If you're about to send forth a message and keep looking over your shoulder to see if your teacher is watching, don't send it!

Avoid name calling and engaging in "flame wars". These go on in many mailing lists, and they get tiresome to people who want to communicate. If taken to the extreme, you could face criminal charges.

Use a combination of upper and lower case letters; writing in all CAPITALS IS CONSIDERED "SHOUTING", which is very RUDE and makes it hard on the reader's eyes.

Sign all your messages.

Include SHORT references to previous message, but generally it is improper to quote the entire previous message--it sucks up computer space.
Be sure your messages are addressed to the right recipient--private addresses for personal email and listserv addresses for mailing list email.

Avoid sending on "chain" letters (most are fake).

Absolutely avoid sending on "junk" mail--in net language it is called "spam".
* Same rules apply to private email

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