Periods & Movements

Hyper History Online Great general site to lead you anytime in world history


Ancient History

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Amazing Ancient World
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Alexander the Great on the Web
Dead Sea Scrolls
The Perseus Project Greek culture & history
World of the Vikings
Medieval Resources
The Labyrinth: A Resource for Medieval Studies

The Age of Discovery

Discovery Web
Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Columbus Navigation Homepage
1492 Exhibit
The Mariners' Museum: Explorations of Christopher Columbus
Columbus Doors
Mayflower Web Pages
18th Century
18th Century Resources: History
19th Century
The Communist Manifesto
20th Century

World War I
The Great War
Multimedia History of WWI
WWI: Trenches on the Web
WWI (Wikipedia)

World War II

World War II Resources Thousands of documents now available online!
The World at War Extensive chronological arrangement
Frankel-Y Speaking WWII stories published by the Saturday Evening Post
Photos from the Homefront in WWII
Recollections of War in the Pacific
WWII (Wikipedia)
Teaching about Japanese American Internment
A-Bomb Museum
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Cybrary of the Holocaust
Holocaust (Wikipedia)

Cold War International History Project
Treaty on the European Union Recent treaty uniting Europe economically

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