U.S. History 1900-1949

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Early 20th Century

Age of Imperialism
U.S. Immigration
Titanic Historical Society
Titanic and Other White Star Ships
Titanic Museum
Titanic and Her Sisters
Titanic: Raising a Legend
WWI: Trenches on the Web
The Roaring 20's
Scopes Monkey Trial
Helen Keller
Baseball History
1919 Black Sox Scandal
1927 New York Yankees
Babe Ruth


The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
Life Histories 1936-40
The Great Depression
America'sGreat Depression
The Great Depression On going project
Main Causes of the Great Depression


World War II
World War II Resources Thousands of documents now available online!
World War II on the Web Numerous links
The World at War Extensive chronological arrangement
Pictures of WWII
Frankel-Y Speaking WWII stories published by the Saturday Evening Post
Photos from the Homefront in WWII
Battle of Midway
Cruiser Scout Recollections of War in the Pacific
WWII Propaganda Posters
The Japanese American Internment
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Cybrary of the Holocaust
The Holocaust
The Holocaust: Historical Summary
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Responses to the Holocaust
Holocaust: An Online Magazine
Radio Days
Antique Radios
Broadcast Archive
Jackie Robinson Society
Berlin Airlift Web Site Shows first serious Cold War conflict

Fifties through 1999

Miscellaneous Subjects and Sites

The American Presidency
Dead Presidents A little weird, but does it ever have a lot of Presidential resources!
The History Channel
Smithsonian Online
This Week in US History
The War Page
U.S. Army Center for Military History
Inventer of the Week Archives
American Literature Extensive links that can connect with U.S. history

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