Computer Virus Hoaxes

If you've actively been using email for a month or more, you have most likely received chain letters, an email hoax, or an email misconception.

Computer Virus

While chain letters urge the reader to take some action over 80% of them are false. They do little harm except clog up people's disc space with "spam". Misconceptions terrify a number of computer users about security risks, etc. that may only apply in very specific, unique situations. Hoaxes generally warn users about some horrible computer virus that will damage their computers or delete their files if they open their email with certain email headings, which is impossible since email is text based.

For details about these and other computer virus hoaxes check out the links below:


Energy Department's Computer Incident Advisory Capability Site
Computer Virus Myths
Symantec Anti Virus Research Center
Urban Legends Web Site


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